Our Practice and sustainability

At MP Dental Practice, we care about the environment we live in and the one we will leave for generations to come. To ensure that our work has a positive impact in every aspect, we have taken many precautionary measures and continuously strive to improve our sustainable Dentistry initiatives.

At MP Dental Practice, our approach to sustainable dentistry is a high-tech, utilizing advanced digital technology. This reduces the environmental impact of all our dental practice and encompasses a service model that supports and maintains our environment.

We thrive to deliver a patient centred, preventative led care, and where interventions are required, embrace the philosophy of minimally invasive oral healthcare

Same Visit CEREC - One Visit Dentistry by Sirona

Traditionally a dental crown in made in a dental laboratory, meaning that for the patient, getting a crown requires two or more visits to the practice. One appointment is to prepare the tooth and take an impression of the tooth, and one appointment is for the fitting of the crown. CEREC crowns (One Visit Dentistry) are made using CAD/CAM software which takes a 3D image of the tooth. The image automatically makes a digital model, where the crown is designed by the dentist and then transferred to the milling machine to be cut from a block of porcelain. The CEREC crown is both natural-looking and strong because it is milled from a solid block of ceramic material. The entire procedure can be completed in a single visit. There is no need to construct a temporary fitting, take impressions, and wait for the permanent crown or veneer to be made at the dental laboratory. The main advantages of CEREC crowns and veneers are convenience, high quality ceramic, non-toxic, metal-free and made from a biocompatible porcelain material.

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Digital Impressions

By using digital impression equipment, we have reduced significantly the use of clinical impression materials. This provides our patients with a more pleasurable experience and helps us protect the environment.

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Digital X-rays

It is estimated that digital X-ray systems significantly reduce the amount of radiation released to the environment when compared with conventional X-ray systems. It is estimated that each dental clinic would prevent the disposal of around 200 litres of toxic dental X-ray fixer solution and more than 7,200 lead foils over a five period. At MP Dental Practice, we use Digital X-rays systems and radiography.

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Paperless Clinics

Digitalisation of our practice and our dental clinics using computers, software and digital X-rays, we have managed to reduce the use of paper significantly, and we aim to be a completely paperless practice by 1st December 2022.

At MP Dental Practice, we use digital communication systems such as VoIP systems and Online Booking Software. This approach benefits the environment by reducing energy usage, travel and paper. Digitalisation has also allowed us to streamline our services, maximising efficiency and therefore improve the patient experience.

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Purified Water

For all of our dental needs, we use water purified by Reverse Osmosis systems. The systems’ mechanism utilises the water pressure to eliminate the use of electricity thus providing a superb patient experience with an eco-friendly approach.

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We have fresh air ventilation in all our rooms at the practice.

All of our clinics are equipped with highly effective ventilation which is compliant with the Health and Safety and Covid guidelines, helping us secure the health of our patients. Air Handling Units have filters which utilise the latest technologies for air purification. Heat exchangers ensure 96% of the exchanged heat is recovered, making sure we are green and energy efficient.

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At MP Dental Practice, we have invested in heat pumps, which are the most ecologically friendly solution to providing year-round heating and air conditioning for the comfort of our staff and patients.

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Our dental team, are encouraged to travel sustainably. We support staff who travel by bicycle, providing secure storage for bicycles and encourage the use of public transport.

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