Digital dentistry

At MP Dental, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with ever changing technology. Using digital dentistry benefits our patients in a number of ways; we are able to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of any dental procedure, helping you, our patient to a quicker, convenient service that can fit around your busy lifestyle. Our aim is to offer innovative, hygienic and excellent results whilst reducing our environmental impact.

Enjoy convenience and peace of mind

Your crown, bridge, inlay or onlay or even veneers can be built and fitted conveniently and safely in only one visit, with no follow up appointments needed.

Advances in modern dentistry have ensured that treatments are easier, more convenient and less uncomfortable than before. Our state of the art CEREC Digital scanner avoids the need to bite on unpleasant traditional impression materials. The digital scanner uses a camera to create perfectly clear 3D digital images of your mouth, providing you with a comfortable scan in under one minute.

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CBCT Scanner

A CBCT scanner is a state-of-the-art scanning machine that is used to produce high resolution 3-D images of the soft tissues, bones and teeth in the mouth. The highly accurate reading provides the most precise and effective planning process for dental implant placement. This advanced scanner can also be used for detection of infections, tumours and periodontal disease at a much earlier stage when they are more responsive to treatment. The procedure is beneficial to the patient, ensuring a comfortable and speedy experience.

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iTero Scanner

Our patients can enjoy the latest technology when it comes to Digital Dentistry. At MP Dental we use the iTero 5D Pro scanner to capture a 3D image of your teeth in minutes so, taking messy impressions of your teeth is no longer an issue!

Once we have taken the scan we are then able to show you a simulation of your teeth being straightened in moments.

Getting your teeth aligned has never been easier, why not speak to a member of our team today to book your scan.

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