One visit dentistry

The fastest way to a beautiful smile. MP Dental are proud to offer One Visit Dentistry. The one-stop complete treatment for crowns and restoring implants. After your initial consultation, your permanent replacement tooth can be designed, manufactured and placed in your mouth in one visit, reducing travelling and waiting times to not only let you get on with your life, but help with our environmental impact by reducing our Carbon Footprint by 50%. The CEREC restoration is at a fixed transparent price.

About One Visit Dentistry

Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with Digital Dentistry. Your implant or crown restoration can be completed conveniently and safely in only one visit, with no follow up appointments needed. Advances in modern dentistry have ensured that treatments are easier, more convenient and more comfortable than before. Our state of the art CEREC Digital scanner avoids the need to bite on unpleasant traditional impression materials. The digital scanner uses a camera to create perfectly clear 3D digital images of your mouth, providing you with a comfortable scan in under one minute. The CEREC porcelain restoration is made in a few hours whilst you wait in the Patient Lounge.

Enjoy your new smile with these four simple steps –

  • Digital Impression – An image of the area to be treated is captured with the CEREC intraoral scanner

  • Tooth design in 3D – A model of your teeth and new restoration is immediately created on the computer

  • In house production – The restoration is instantly manufactured directly at the clinic

  • Your custom-fit restoration is fitted during the same visit

about CEREC Digital Impressions

Crowns CEREC

If you require a crown or need to restore an implant, don’t fret. With our CEREC scanner, you no longer need messy impressions. The CEREC scanner can capture the area to be treated in less than a minute, producing a highly accurate dental scan which is sent on to our computer.

The computer then uses the data to design and manufacture the restoration in-house while you wait. Once complete, this can be placed in your mouth directly without any need for temporary filling. All completed in one day, you can leave our practice with your new smile, and without any further appointments necessary.

CEREC milling chamber & workflow

Inlays CEREC

For those of you who have had dental treatment in the past, you may remember the crown or inlay fittings involving multiple appointments and taking much of your time to complete the treatment. With advances in technology, including our CEREC system, this can be a thing of the past. Crowns or inlays can be manufactured and fitted all in one day. Saving time on appointments and travel, CEREC digital technology is a perfect way to fit into your busy life.

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Onlays CEREC

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Here at MP Dental, we very much appreciate that investing in your dental well-being is an important decision and we would like to highlight some very special payment facilities that are available here. We understand that the financial considerations can sometimes be an obstacle to you having the treatment you want, which is why we offer a range of finance options including interest-free plans.

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